Father Inama Adalbert O.Praem and Father Maximilian Gärtner O. Praem

This exhibit explores the lives of Father Inama Adalbert O.Praem, and Father Maximilian Gärtner O.Praem and their Wilten mission to the United States of America in the 19th Century. The exhibit will be broken into sections

The first section will let us read his own personal letters which contain information about his travels throughout Europe and America.

The following section will let us into his life beginning in Europe and continuing in Roxbury, Wisconsin, where he started the town's first Catholic church, and continued to expand throughout other communities as well. 

The third section shows us maps and charts to better explain when and where his missionary work took place, along with statistical information.

The fourth section highlights his work and travels with Father Maximilian Gärtner O.Praem. Together, the two men completed a lot of missionary work here in The United States to spread the belief of the Catholic faith. 


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